# Frequently Asked Questions

# Which file should I use for my project?

In most cases, AllPrintings.json is the correct file. It contains all data for every printing of each card.

# What information is in AllCards.json?

AllCards.json only contains oracle information for each card. Any data that is persistent across the printings of a card will be included, such as convertedManaCost, but anything that pertains to a specific printing of a card will NOT be included, such as artist.

For a full list of properties, see the card structure documentation. Only properties marked with the atomic attribute will be included in AllCards.json.

# Where does the data come from?

Data is collected from a variety of sources, including Gatherer, Scryfall, TCGPlayer, and many more.

# How can I help? I found a bug, have a suggestion, etc. Where can I report it?

See Contributing.

# How often is the data updated?

Full builds are run weekly on Mondays, but prices are updated daily. Also, spoilers for new sets will be rebuilt daily until the set is released.

# Why is the file I just downloaded out of date?

You have probably received a cached version of the file. Try hard refreshing the website (CTRL+f5 on Windows, Shift+Command+R on Mac) and re-downloading to get the newest version.

Last Updated: 2020-01-20