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Booster Config

The Booster Config Data Model describes the properties of how a Set's booster data may be configured.

  • Parent model: Set
  • Parent property: booster

TypeScript Model

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export type BoosterConfig = {
  boosters: BoosterPack[];
  boostersTotalWeight: number;
  sheets: Record<string, BoosterSheet>;

Model Properties


The booster packs configurations. See the Booster (Pack) Data Model.

  • Type: BoosterPack[]
  • Introduced: v5.2.2


The weight of total booster pack configurations.

  • Type: number
  • Introduced: v5.2.2


The sheets of cards in a printing where the key is the name of the sheet and value is the configuration. See the Booster (Sheet) Data Model.

  • Type: Record<string, BoosterSheet>
  • Introduced: v5.2.2