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Sealed Product

The Sealed Product Data Model describes the properties for the purchaseable product of a Set Data Model.

  • Parent model: Set, Set List
  • Parent property: sealedProduct

TypeScript Model

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export type SealedProduct = {
  cardCount?: number;
  category?: string;
  contents?: SealedProductContents;
  identifiers: Identifiers;
  name: string;
  productSize?: number;
  purchaseUrls: PurchaseUrls;
  releaseDate?: string;
  subtype: string | null;
  uuid: string;

Model Properties

cardCount O

The number of cards in this product.

  • Type: number
  • Introduced: v5.2.2

category O

The category of this product.

  • Type: string
  • Introduced: v5.2.1

contents O

The contents of this product. See the Sealed Product Contents Data Model.

  • Type: SealedProductContents
  • Introduced: v5.2.2


The identifiers associated to a product. See the Identifiers Data Model.

  • Type: Identifiers
  • Introduced: v5.2.0


The name of the product.

  • Type: string
  • Introduced: v5.2.0

productSize O

The size of the product.

  • Type: number
  • Introduced: v5.2.1


Links that navigate to websites where the product can be purchased. See the Purchase Urls Data Model.

  • Type: PurchaseUrls
  • Introduced: v5.2.0

releaseDate O

The release date in ISO 8601 format for the product. Not included if the set was not formally released as a product.

  • Type: string
  • Introduced: v5.2.0


The category subtype of this product.

  • Type: string | null
  • Introduced: v5.2.1


The universal unique identifier (v5) generated by MTGJSON.

  • Type: string
  • Introduced: v5.2.0