# Brand Assets

When creating your project a credit to MTGJSON is greatly appreciated, though it is not required. We've provided assets below to assist in crediting MTGJSON and other MTGJSON projects. As of the moment, we only require you to not alter the assets or use them in any way that implies MTGJSON endorses you or your project.

Do you have a cool project to share that uses MTGJSON's data? Let us know and we may feature it on our homepage! Do note that featured projects are not officially endorsed by MTGJSON.

# Embed Code

<a href="https://mtgjson.com" style="display: inline-flex; align-items: center;"><img src="http://mtgjson.com/images/assets/logo-mtgjson-light-blue.svg" width="60px" title="MTGJSON logo"><p style="margin-left: 10px">Powered by MTGJSON</p></a>