# Downloads

MTGJSON provides a variable amount of data to work with in various types of file formats.

Downloads are provided as All Files (All available top-level download files), All Sets (All individual sets), and All Decks (All individual decks).

Version 5.0.0 Announcement

As of MTGJSON5, and going forward, web-served files will be available via a version specific "Web API" path: /api/v5/*. If your project depends on the web-served files please update your project to the new API as soon as possible. During the transition to v5, all v4 API routes are still available at: /files/*. For more information, see the Changelog.

  • We now offer file verification with SHA-256. Every file has a SHA-256 file available at the same API location with an appended .sha256 format. For example: https://mtgjson.com/api/v5/AllPrintings.json.sha256.
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