Our Mission

MTGJSON is an open-source project that catalogs all Magic: The Gathering cards in a portable format. A dedicated group of fans maintains and supplies data for a variety of projects and sites in the community.

New JSON builds happen every Sunday at 4PM EST, though subject to change, and may take several hours to compile.

The Team

Zach - Lead Developer & Maintainer

avatar Zach is a 22-year old hippo fanatic who loves playing with big data and giving back to the community in unique ways. He has worked on MTGJSON since 2016, and has led the design and development of version 4. His work can also be seen heavily in the open-source Cockatrice game client.

All inquires about MTGJSON can be sent to [email protected]

Martin - Web Developer

avatar Martin is an avid strategy gamer and Magic player since late 1994. When he’s not looking at Javascript or playing commander, he’s likely spending time on a host of smaller projects, including the custom card creator MTG.Design.

Eric - Documentation Developer

avatar Eric is a conceptualizer that loves open-source software and cervidae. When he's not delving into any code he can find, he enjoys watching 'B'-rated horror movies, camping, and hiking.


Many others have devoted their time and effort in to this project. If you have suggestions for improvements, bug reports, or would just like to help address existing issues, we are always looking for help. You can contribute to the project through the main MTGJSON repo or the MTGJSON website repo. If you would like to help in other ways please consider donating to the project via PayPal (one-time donation) or via Patreon (reoccurring donations).

Patreon Supporters

Last Updated: 2019-07-14