# MTGJSON Changelog

The following is the MTGJSON Documentation/Website Changelog. Some parts may be updated for clarity or corrections at any point.

# 2.1.0

Release Date: 2021-02-30

# Announcements

Welcome to the documentation changelog, which has been split from the MTGJSON Application changelog.

# Misc

# Added

  • Added Scryfall, MTGO and MTG Arena links to various data models
  • Added format links to the Leadership Skills data model
  • Added loading spinner for data loading

# Fixed

  • Fixed grammatical errors
  • Fixed(?) an issue where localStorage was failing on browsers with it disabled
  • Fixed 404 when navigating to the changelog from the header

# Updated

  • The version text in the header now appears quicker
  • Files list table of contents is now split in to two lists for easier use
  • Added bullets to navigation for better visual hierarchy
  • The examples list and options for downloads dropdown toggles
  • Changed Algolia search to basic search as Algolia provided little upside and more obfuscation to manage
  • Various styling adjustments
  • Build packages