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This project provides up to date Magic the Gathering card data in JSON format for developers to easily use in their projects.

If you encounter any bugs or have feedback, please open a ticket on GitHub and/or email me at [email protected]

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Extras include: Rulings, Printings, Foreign Language Names, Promo Sources and Original Texts

Data is available in AllSets, AllCards or by individual sets

All files are UTF8 encoded. There are UTF8 characters (such as "El-Hajjâj" or em dashes "—") in many of the files.

JSONP support (docs)

Example Card

	"name" : "Sen Triplets",
	"manaCost" : "{2}{W}{U}{B}",
	"cmc" : 5,
	"colors" : ["White", "Blue", "Black"],

	"type" : "Legendary Artifact Creature — Human Wizard",
	"supertypes" : ["Legendary"],
	"types" : ["Artifact", "Creature"],
	"subtypes" : ["Human", "Wizard"],

	"rarity" : "Mythic Rare",

	"text" : "At the beginning of your upkeep, choose target opponent.
	         This turn, that player can't cast spells or activate
	         abilities and plays with his or her hand revealed.
	         You may play cards from that player's hand this turn.",

	"flavor" : "They are the masters of your mind.",

	"artist" : "Greg Staples",
	"number" : "109",

	"power" : "3",
	"toughness" : "3",

	"layout" : "normal",
	"multiverseid" : 180607,
	"imageName" : "sen triplets",
	"id" : "3129aee7f26a4282ce131db7d417b1bc3338c4d4"

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